If you studied at the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, you're welcome to join us. Simply complete the form below. (Click here for our data protection policy and here for our Code of Conduct.)

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The Oxford & Cambridge Club of Zurich is run by its members, all of whom are busy people who can spare little time for organising Club activities. Consequently, we need as many members as possible to participate in arranging events. The administrative overhead of arranging an event is almost nil, because programs on this website handle the task of notifying members of the time and place. “Arranging an event” consists, often, of making two phone calls to a restaurant, and typing a few words into a form on this website. If an event is more complex than a dinner, two or more members will share the task. If you arrange, or help to arrange, one event every two years, you will have done your share.

If you work in information technology, you can contribute by helping to administer the Club's website. The workload is tiny for a knowledgeable person, because changes are very rare (one every few months), and the main burden is the time required to stay knowledgeable. A person who keeps up with one or two of the following can be very helpful with minimal expenditure of time: CSS; Javascript; DNS including SPF and DKIM; MySQL administration; the configuration files for apache and exim. Even if you're not expert in any of these, but have a solid IT background with Unix or Linux and are willing to learn, you can be helpful.

If you are completely non-technical but have some graphic design skill, or just a good eye for what looks good, you can help to improve the appearance and visual appeal of our website.

Please select one of the following:
I am willing to help to arrange one dinner every two years or so.
I am willing to arrange some Drinks evenings.
I'm willing to help to test changes to the Club's web site
I'm willing to help to administer the Club's web site
I might be able to give a talk/slideshow on some interesting topic.
I am willing to lead a hike.
I'm willing to help arrange an event not mentioned here - contact me.
I can make the website look better with a different layout.
I'm willing to pay for the cost of the web site once every few years