Welcome to the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

An informal network of Oxford and Cambridge graduates living in the Zurich region who meet up for good company, stimulating conversation, and to make interesting new contacts. Dinners are only part of our activities. Members are free to arrange any kind of event they think other members may be interested in. If you live in western Switzerland, there is a similar club in Geneva.

If you matriculated, or held a university appointment, at either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, you are welcome to join us. Just click on "Join Us" in the menu at the left.

At the moment, we have 358 members.

Forthcoming Events

Members should receive email announcements of events mentioned on this page, with full details. If you do not ... are you sure your membership is up to date?

Sunday 15th December - Drinks on the 15th. Arranged by Marie-Christine Imbert

Wednesday 15th January 2020 - Ethiopian Cooking Evening. Arranged by Christian Paul Casparis

Sunday 29th March 2020 - The Boat Race. Arranged by Dagmar Iber

Recent Events

Sunday 8th December - Einsiedeln: Historical Tour + Christmas Market. Arranged by Alma Brodersen

Friday 6th December - Seminar on Europe / Switzerland & Drinks/Dinner. Arranged by Dagmar Iber

Thursday 28th November - Mulled wine evening. Arranged by Alexander Kohler

Saturday 16th November - St Andrew's Bazaar, Kirchgemeindehause Enge. Arranged by Marie-Christine Imbert

Friday 15th November - Oxbridge drinks on the 15th. Arranged by Dagmar Iber

Sunday 27th October - CONFIRMED: Johan Jacobs Museum Guided Tour. Arranged by Maksim Dolgich

Tuesday 22nd October - Human Rights, Responsibilities and New Technology. Arranged by Joint Alumni Forum

Saturday 19th October - OLMA 2019. Arranged by Sarah Stephen

Friday 18th October - Choral Evensong & drinks following. Arranged by Paul Brice

Tuesday 15th October - Drinks on the 15th. Arranged by Roland Johnson

Sunday 6th October - Model Air Show (continuing) and Country Walk (cancelled). Arranged by Roland Johnson

Thursday 19th September - Speaker of House of Commons, John Bercow, at UZH. Arranged by Marie-Christine Imbert

Sunday 15th September - CONFIRMED: Oxbridge drinks on the 15th - September edition. Arranged by Maksim Dolgich

Saturday 14th September - Tour of Gösgen nuclear power plant. Arranged by Mark Whitwill

Thursday 12th September - Lunch with Mary Priddey, Judge Business School. Arranged by Marie-Christine Imbert

Important Reminder to members:
Don't forget to update our record of your email address if it changes. If the email address we have for you is no longer valid, you can't receive details of meetings. You update our records yourself (you have to log in to do this, then select "My details").

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